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Connecting to Learn and Share

With a vision to strengthen the academic background of young scholars by providing quality guidance of experts to the budding professionals, CSVTU has initiated the concept of disseminating lectures for all branches of Engineering (UG / PG), Professional Master Degree Courses – MCA and MBA through video conferencing.
The students as well as faculty members from all the institutes affiliated to CSVTU will be benefitted through this aid as people from national as well as international organizations will find a common platform to connect.

Features of Video Conferencing:

  1. Academic lectures pertaining to course curriculum by subject experts of national and international repute.
  2. For subjects in which students are facing difficulty, special coaching will be provided on requisition basis, in which detailed course coverage will be done in 60 lectures by the experts.
  3. M.E. / M.Tech. students would be able to get guidance on selecting their project topic by viewing expert lectures on topics and current trends relevant to their specialization.
  4. Ph.D. scholars as well as aspirants would also be able to proceed in their research areas with the video support provided by experts / mentors, available on requisition basis.
  5. Live discussion with Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and respected Registrar at specific duration which will be pre-notified to the institutes.
  6. Streaming of conferences, webinars, etc. held at the university which will be accessible to all the affiliated institutes.
  7. Video lectures will be made available online as per the requisitions received by students / faculty members. Lectures will be streamed online at specific time schedule and option for recording will also be available.

Process of Getting Access:

  1. The lectures of academic subjects will be provided on requisition basis. Scholars have to fill-in the requisition form online which is available on the website.
  2. A nominal fee would also be charged, the details of which will be available during the registration process.

Go to following links for submitting requisition of the subject and other support.